It’s time for us to go in a new direction before it’s too late. I am running for mayor because we desperately need a leader who is not afraid to stand up to those who put profits ahead of people, and we need a mayor who will find real solutions to our very real problems. As your mayor, I’ll fight tirelessly and fearlessly on behalf of everyone in the community, not just those with money. And I will actively lead in the search for solutions to the problems we face today. Please vote for me in the August 16 primary election. In a small town, every vote counts. With your help and support, we can and will make Jackson a better place for all of us to live.

"We desperately need a leader who is not afraid to stand up to those who put profits ahead of people, and we need a mayor who will find real solutions to our very real problems."

Vote Muldoon For Mayor on August 16th


Growing up in a military family that moved around a lot (and then joining the Army myself), I never had the opportunity to experience a true sense of
community until I moved to Jackson in 2000. I came here for the mountains, but stayed for the people. I value the friendships and the sense of shared responsibility that one gets only in a small town: the belief that regardless of our differences, we’re all part of this tight-knit community and have a responsibility to look out for each other and our families.

During my 16 years in the valley, I’ve worked many jobs including front desk for JHMR, construction, restaurant server, bartender, cook, house painter, temp worker, sound technician, musician, and writer. Currently, I live in a rental, and own a very small business. I’m proud to live an average working-class life. I think this is exactly the kind of experience Jackson’s next mayor needs to have: a real, first-hand experience of working-class life.

Why I'm Running

We know that we need more workforce housing. We’ve made a commitment in the Comprehensive Plan to house at least 65% of our workforce locally, and we have yet to fulfill that promise. Given the limited funding and land available, we need to focus on denser, more cost-effective projects–especially rentals. We will need an additional penny of sales tax to accomplish this.

But we can’t simply grow ourselves out of the problem. Unchecked growth will destroy the character of our town, push our limited infrastructure past its breaking point, and result in higher and higher costs that will be passed on to those least able to afford them. We know that not everyone can live in Jackson Hole, and we know that the Town cannot afford to keep building housing for the employees that ever-growing numbers of businesses will demand.

I believe that I’m the only candidate with an in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues, no conflicts of interest, and a passion for social justice and maintaining the character of the Town I love so much. I learn quickly, and I will be fully prepared to lead the council on my first day in office. I will treat this position as a full-time job, and I will give the effort and commitment the voters deserve from their mayor.

For years, many of Jackson’s elected officials have bowed to the desires of the elite and their lobbyists, and the result has been out-of-control growth which has led to a housing emergency, traffic nightmares, and a reduction in the quality of life for our working and middle classes. With few exceptions, our elected officials have lived in a privileged bubble, unable to understand the struggles of those outside it. The small-town character of Jackson is in danger of disappearing along with its working class, and no amount of profits can make up for that loss.

Our mission

  • Government That Represents Us All

    I’ll start by leading a government that represents all the people in the community, not just those with the time to show up for every meeting or the money to hire lobbyist and consultants. Our working class has the most need for representation and the least amount of time to hold its government accountable. We deserve better.

  • Affordable and Secure Housing

    We must do better when it comes to affordable housing. Affordable housing is a community good; we’re all better off when people from all income levels can afford to live in the place where they work and grew up. We can afford to solve this issue if we are willing to make the kinds of investments smart communities make. We must explore all of our options to raise revenue, dedicate that revenue to a housing trust fund or the appropriate non-profits to be used solely for housing, create denser and more affordable rental units, and continue to expand affordable home ownership. Not everyone can live in Jackson, but if our businesses are going to continue to create jobs, we must create new housing for the those who work them.

  • Public Transportation

    We must look to expand START ridership. Without a good public transportation system, our traffic and wildlife issues will continue to worsen. If we want people to drive less, we must provide them with a reasonable alternative.

  • Workers

    Our working class is the backbone of the community. We cook, heal, clean, build, guide, drive, paint, teach, sell, entertain, deliver, create, serve, care, and much, much more. We don’t ask for much. But we deserve to earn a living wage. We deserve better renter protection and basic housing security. This isn’t too much to ask, and our local government should work hard to ensure that’s possible.